Katie Hopkins, the ‘Troll’

She hates overweight people, she’s mentioned before that she disapproves of ‘geographical’ baby names, despite her daughter’s legal name- India, she thinks that if you have a tattoo you will not have a good future, and most recently Katie Hopkins has described a serious mental illness as ‘fashionable’. This woman’s opinions and ethics are nonsensical, to say the least. And I know we must all follow the freedom of speech right, but when it comes to Katie, I would rather not hear her notions, as I’m sure that they are insulting and discriminatory in some sort of way.

She’s hypocritical and a walking contradiction, to complain about such miniscule details, such as what baby name is suitable to her liking is preposterous, nevertheless it is also almost laughable, because apparently naming her child ‘India’ does not come under her hatred of geographical names.

She’s racist. She’s sexist. She’s clueless to any empathy. And she believes that people suffering from depression need “a pair of running shoes and fresh air”. Depression is a mood disorder, a common mental illness and Katie Hopkins thinks that you can just turn it on and off with a switch. Really, Katie? Are you that deserted from civilisation and sympathy that you don’t understand the difference between an emotion and an illness?

She is the epitome of what disappointment and disgust feels like- every time she opens her mouth, I lose a bit of hope for humanity. I mean, what kind of a person says that ginger babies are ‘much harder to love’.  So now you’re judging innocent babies on the basis of what colour their hair is? Wow, Katie Hopkins you truly are a troll.


About sidrafaridi

Defined as an angry liberal feminist killjoy, I am 17 years old and an aspiring Journalist. I'm also an all-round sarcastic person who just wants world peace and equality. Welcome to my blog, enjoy your stay!
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