An old post (no pun intended)

Ever since you were little, you were taught to respect your elders, to be courteous, appreciative and well-mannered. The responsibilities and obligations you are taught whilst growing up determine who you will be in the near future. Even the minuscule details, such as washing up the dishes or tidying your room, allow you to become a better and more desirable person.

Surely, these ideas which we have grown to accept and acknowledge should extend as we go into adulthood. This then leads me to question why an 89 year old, who moved into a care home, “required stitches to her head and suffered horrific bruising.”

Does this show us that all the lectures and advice which we received continue to affect us later on in our lives? Does it show us that we are courteous, appreciative or well-mannered? Does it show us that we respect our elders?

Those who taught us to walk, talk and fight for what we believe in, are now being neglected and treated as if they are non-existent. Is this what they deserve- to be beaten, abused and forgotten about?

Whilst some could say that spending cuts on the NHS makes it difficult to provide for the ageing population, it could be argued that we should start questioning our priorities before we begin to question why we should help others around us.


About sidrafaridi

Defined as an angry liberal feminist killjoy, I am 17 years old and an aspiring Journalist. I'm also an all-round sarcastic person who just wants world peace and equality. Welcome to my blog, enjoy your stay!
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