The notion that women do not have the right over their own body is absurd, if they are to carry a living being inside of them for 9 months, then it should be their choice and it should also be their choice if they don’t want to go through with having a child. 
Being ‘pro-choice’ isn’t being ‘pro -murder’, it is simply allowing women to have the opportunity to do what they want with their bodies. 
For some, they may see no other choice, no other option, no other way out: it is something that they feel is better for the greater good. There are many extremities where abortion can be seen as a necessary procedure to take in order to protect the mother, it may not be the most pleasant one, but it is and should always be an option for all women.
Throughout our entire human existence, women have been dismissed when expressing their own opinions, and if they have been able to, then they are shunned and not taken seriously. The one time that it is incredibly vital for a woman to take the stance and say what she wants to do, she is bombarded with the words ‘murder’, ‘sinful’ and ‘unjustly’.

My opinions and ideals are not attacking those who believe in ‘pro-life’, in fact I respect those who are, however I cannot and do not want to imagine a world in which a woman is forced to give birth, without being able to conduct her actions and judgements with her own free will. Abortion is quite possibly the last thing a woman would ever want to go through, but we cannot be the judge for every case in the entire world, we cannot go ahead and ban an option which for some people seem like the only way out.

Every woman, every man, every person is entitled to their opinion and the actions they take to protect and care for themselves. Yes, every life is precious, but who are we to judge when it puts another person at risk? Who are we to say what a woman should or shouldn’t do with their bodies? The choice is not ours, the choice is theirs.


About sidrafaridi

Defined as an angry liberal feminist killjoy, I am 17 years old and an aspiring Journalist. I'm also an all-round sarcastic person who just wants world peace and equality. Welcome to my blog, enjoy your stay!
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