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Defined as an angry liberal feminist killjoy, I am 17 years old and an aspiring Journalist. I'm also an all-round sarcastic person who just wants world peace and equality. Welcome to my blog, enjoy your stay!

A review

Recently I watched BBC Three’s documentary called “How gay is Pakistan?” Now I watched it for two reasons: one, that I was intrigued to see what it would entail and two, I really wanted to know the answer. It is definitely … Continue reading

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The notion that women do not have the right over their own body is absurd, if they are to carry a living being inside of them for 9 months, then it should be their choice and it should also be their … Continue reading

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It’s kind of ridiculous how long it has been since I’ve updated this site, but I’m trying I swear! Not that I think anyone is reading this anyway, but if you are then thank you, it means a great deal, … Continue reading

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An old post (no pun intended)

Ever since you were little, you were taught to respect your elders, to be courteous, appreciative and well-mannered. The responsibilities and obligations you are taught whilst growing up determine who you will be in the near future. Even the minuscule … Continue reading

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Katie Hopkins, the ‘Troll’

She hates overweight people, she’s mentioned before that she disapproves of ‘geographical’ baby names, despite her daughter’s legal name- India, she thinks that if you have a tattoo you will not have a good future, and most recently Katie Hopkins … Continue reading

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Tales of a troubled teenage girl

Sexism. If you look up the dictionary definition, it refers to “discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex or gender, as in restricted job opportunities, especially such discrimination directed against women.“  What scares me the most from this is that, despite sexism … Continue reading

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Female celebrities and their idea of ‘feminism’

Before I jump into the issue of this topic, I’d like to mention 2 categories of women and see if you can find the difference. 1. Demi Moore. Kelly Clarkson. Katy Perry. Lady Gaga. Madonna. 2. Emma Watson. Amy Poehler. Ellen Page.  … Continue reading

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Homophobia is defined as negative attitudes towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and in some cases the transgender population. It’s simple, it is something which no one would want to go through, nor should they go through it. But in this day … Continue reading

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Hello world!

So I guess this is my first ever post. I wanted to start this blog as my own personal format where I can just talk about social issues which I have strong opinions about. Feel free to comment and get in … Continue reading

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